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This Is Not A Blog

Welcome to The Native Champion Newsletter. This is not a blog. It is a newsletter that is meant to be a conversation. My name is JJ. I started this newsletter because I want to help people remember that we are all born champions. Life has a way of making us forget that. 

I want this newsletter to be the catalyst to remind people of the champion inside of them. It’s so easy to forget who we really are. If you ever feel disconnected from your true self, like you are meant to be more, do better or live life larger than you currently are, this newsletter may be for you.

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What Topics Are In The Newsletter?

Business, Career, Health, Finances, Relationships and more - all of these topics will be covered in the newsletter… from the perspective of a champion. 

My Journey: 
Remembering Who I Was

Some of the happiest moments of my life have occurred within the last seven years. I’ve come to look at my life as a journey, an adventure in discovery and expansion. 

It wasn’t long ago that I was living a very depressed existence. I worked at a job that I hated. I was in a relationship that was completely toxic and constantly brought me down. I was broke, financially and spiritually. My life was a mess… but it was a mess I was used to and had become comfortable with. Maybe you can relate to this?

I remember the moment I decided to change everything. It was a hot summer day; and, I was driving around a town in Los Angeles called Pasadena. It’s a beautiful place. All of the pain and sorrow I was feeling had come to a head. Something in my mind shifted. I could no longer allow myself settle for less than I knew I could be, have and contribute. 

That shift was the realization that I had become someone I didn’t recognize. I had forgotten who I really was, inside. Life has a way of making us forget that we are all born champions. Once I remembered who I was, I started to think, do and look at the world around me differently. My life would never be the same again.

Closing The Gap 

I’ve heard many thought leaders talk about personal success as something we all must strive to reach, as though it comes from somewhere outside of us. I don’t believe that. When my mindset shifted, nothing outside of me changed. I changed, on the inside. I realized I had forgotten who I was and started working to close the gap between who I was and who I going to become. It is up to us to reconnect with our inner champion.

After a lot of self discovery and hard work, I closed the gap. I no longer work at a job I hate. I own my own business, make my own schedule and work remotely. I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman (inside and out) who’s mere presence encourages me to constantly become better. I have more money than I ever dreamed possible; and, I am in touch with who I really am. My life may not be perfect but that’s okay. It’s not about that. It’s about the journey. I’ll never stop growing and expanding.

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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start

I wasn’t born into a wealthy family of privilege. One of my earliest memories is being eight years old and waking up in the middle of the night to paramedics working on my father. Our next door neighbor had hired some gang members to kill him. They shot at him several times. My father would survive the attempt on his life. Our neighbor thought my father had called the police to report that he was selling drugs out of his house. It didn’t matter that my father never did. Our neighbor wanted him dead anyway. 

I remember the look on my mother’s face. My family desperately wanted to move from that house but they could’t afford to. This memory, of my parent’s degree of helplessness would drastically effect my outlook on life. It wasn’t until that shift in my mind happened that I chose to take my pain and turn it into a burning desire for progress. I promised myself that my family would never be in such a position. It continues to fuel me, every day. It does’t matter where you start. Where you end up is entirely in your control.

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What Is A Native Champion?

Simply put, you are. Yes, you. We are all born champions but many of us forget. Life is hard. It’s easy to give up and accept a life that we never wanted, until we find ourselves looking in the mirror at someone we no longer recognize. 

This newsletter is meant to be a conversation. I want to talk with you. If I can help even one person remember who they are and reconnect with their inner champion, this entire newsletter will be well worth the work. I have no regular schedule of how often this newsletter will be sent out, although I will make sure it isn’t too often. We are all busy; and, I’m sure you get way too many emails as it is. I know I do.

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Is This Newsletter Right For You?

It’s entirely possible that this newsletter is not right for you. This newsletter is for people who are frustrated with their overall life or specific things in their life. If you feel that inner pull to be more, do more, have more and contribute more then this newsletter is right for you.

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